August 11, 1979        Leonard Paradiso, Candy Weyant, Marie Iannuzzi, and David Doyle attended the wedding of Michael Milano in Saugus, Massachusetts.

August 12, 1979        Marie Iannuzzi was murdered and discarded on the banks of the Pine River in Essex County.

August 13, 1979        Anthony Iannuzzi, Tony Leonti, and David Doyle identified Marie Iannuzzi’s body.

August 17, 1979        David Doyle arrested in New Jersey stealing luggage at Newark Airport.

February 1981          Trooper Andrew Palombo was assigned as lead officer on the Iannuzzi unresolved case.

June 15, 1981            Robert Bond was paroled for Barbara Mitchell’s murder.

July 26, 1981             Candy Weyant filed an insurance claim for the Malafemmena, a 26-foot Chris Craft, with Liberty Mutual Insurance.

August 26, 1981        Leonard Paradiso filed for bankruptcy.

September 29, 1981  Liberty Mutual Insurance paid the claim for the boat and navigational equipment to Candy Weyant.

November 23, 1981  Joan Webster presented her 11-week auditorium project at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

November 27, 1981  George, Eleanor, Anne, and Joan Webster attended The Pirates of Penzance on Broadway.

November 28, 1981  The Great Lynn Fire started in a shoe factory in Lynn, Massachusetts, at 2:35 a.m.

November 28, 1981   George, Eleanor, and Anne Webster drove Joan to Newark Airport.

November 28, 1981  Joan Webster disappeared from Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.

November 30, 1981   Leonard Paradiso appeared in court to have his bankruptcy discharged.

November 30, 1981   Leonard Paradiso had his left index finger X-rayed at Lynn Hospital.

December 1, 1981     A concerned classmate, David Duncan, called Eleanor Webster.

December 1, 1981     George Webster returned from an out-of-town trip.

December 2, 1981     Anthony Belmonte discovered Joan’s wallet in the marshes on the southbound side of Route 107, the Lynn Marsh Road.

December 4-7, 1981  Authorities conducted interviews at Logan Airport.

December 9, 1981     Websters received an extortion call from an exchange in Nutley, New Jersey.

December, 18, 1981  Websters received an extortion call demanding $20,000 in small bills. The rendezvous was at the European Bank in New York City.

December 21, 1981   Detective Richard Corcoran hand delivered the eyewitness lead from Town Taxi cabbie Fenton Moore to Eleanor Webster.

December 25, 1981   Media outlets aired a prerecorded appeal for information from George and Eleanor Webster.

January 9, 1982         An undercover police officer gave a ride to a stranded passenger, Lynda Walsh, from the Park Square Greyhound Bus Station in Boston, Massachusetts.

January 18, 1982      The Websters offered a $10,000 reward.

January 20, 1982      The Saugus Police received an anonymous call. The woman alleged Leonard Paradiso murdered Marie Iannuzzi and was responsible for Joan Webster’s disappearance.

January 29, 1982      Joan Webster’s Lark suitcase was discovered at the Park Square Greyhound Bus Station.           

February 1982          George Webster held a meeting with involved agencies at Harvard. Trooper Andrew Palombo and Assistant District Attorney Tim Burke were paired to go after Leonard Paradiso for the murder of Marie Iannuzzi.

February 27, 1982    The Boston Globe published an article about Tim Burke investigating a triple homicide.

March 5, 1982           Tim Burke seated a grand jury, Commonwealth v. Leonard Paradiso, cause number 038655, for the murder of Marie Iannuzzi, in Suffolk County.

March 11, 1982         Trooper Carl Sjoberg notified Leonard Paradiso’s Parole Officer Jim O’Neil that the subject was a suspect in a new Boston crime.

April 5, 1982             Tim Burke renamed cause number 038655, for the murder of Marie Iannuzzi, a John Doe Investigation, and called witnesses in another grand jury hearing.

April 23, 1982           Tim Burke seated witnesses in the John Doe grand jury hearing.

June 28, 1982            The grand jury handed down a true bill against Leonard Paradiso for the murder of Marie Iannuzzi.

July 6, 1982               Trooper Palombo arrested Leonard Paradiso for the murder of Marie Iannuzzi.

Summer 1982            Jean Day, Marie Iannuzzi’s stepsister, was assaulted and went into hiding.

August 1, 1982          Sergeant Carmen Tammaro met with Leonard Paradiso at the Charles Street Jail and accused him of murdering Joan Webster.

October 12, 1982      George and Eleanor Webster increased the reward, to $25,000 for information and $50,000 for a conviction of the offender.

October 14, 1982      The Websters received an extortion call.

October 15, 1982      George Webster met with extortion caller Harvey Martel in Concord, New Hampshire.

October 25, 1982      The Websters received an extortion call claiming Joan was in Maine.

November 5, 1982     Leonard Paradiso’s fingerprints were submitted to the FBI for comparison in the Joan Webster case.

November 24, 1982  Authorities received negative results for Leonard Paradiso’s fingerprints in the Joan Webster case.

November 30, 1982   ITT Head of Security, Jack McEwan, scheduled a meeting in New Jersey with a Webster investigator for December eighth or ninth, 1982.

December 8, 1982     Robert Bond was transferred to the Charles Street Jail awaiting trial for Mary Foreman’s murder. Guards moved Bond from cell number 68 to cell number 31, in close proximity to Leonard Paradiso.

December 12, 1982   Undercover officer, Trooper Andrew Palombo, followed two women at Logan Airport and then gave them a ride.

December 13, 1982   Robert Bond found guilty of Mary Foreman’s murder.

December 29, 1982   Robert Bond transferred to a prison facility in Concord, Massachusetts.

January 10, 1983      Robert Bond sentenced to life at Walpole.

January 10, 1983      Robert Bond met with Sergeant Carmen Tammaro at the Suffolk County courthouse.

January 10, 1983      Robert Bond mailed a letter from Concord addressed to his wife. An inner envelope addressed to Tim Burke contained a two-part letter and made allegations against Leonard Paradiso in the murders of Marie Iannuzzi and Joan Webster.

January 14, 1983      Robert Bond was interviewed by Sergeant Carmen Tammaro, Trooper Andrew Palombo, Corporal Jack O’Rourke, Sergeant Robert Hudson, and Court Officer John Gillen.

After January 14, 1983  Tim Burke received the mailed letter from Robert Bond.

January 27, 1983      News outlets reported a “break” in Joan Webster’s case.

Late January 1983   Janet McCarthy came forward.

Late January 1983   Ralph Anthony Pisa came forward.

Early February 1983      Patty Bono came forward.

February 17, 1983    Robert Bond testified at Marie Iannuzzi grand jury for rape charges, cause number 043033.

March 3, 1983           An Interpol Blue Notice for a missing person was issued for Joan Webster.

March 28, 1983        Tim Burke traveled to FBI Headquarters in Quantico for a Joan Webster meeting.

April 25, 1983           Trooper Andrew Palombo executed a Marie Iannuzzi search warrant at the Weyant home.

April 28, 1983           Ralph Anthony Pisa took a new polygraph, changing his involvement in the 1969 George Deane murder.

May 3, 1983              Tim Burke contacted the FBI regarding Leonard Paradiso’s bankruptcy.

June 1, 1983              Leonard Paradiso declined the Commonwealth’s plea deal for a lesser charge in the Marie Iannuzzi case.

June 6, 1983              The grand jury handed down a true bill for rape in the Marie Iannuzzi case, cause number 043033.

June 13, 1983            Ralph Anthony Pisa submitted an eighth motion for a new trial.

July 12, 1983             Tim Burke seated a John Doe grand jury for the murder of Joan Webster.

July 27, 1983             Candy Weyant was called before a John Doe grand jury for Joan Webster.

July 28, 1983             Special Agent Steve Broce executed a search warrant on the jointly held safety deposit box of Leonard Paradiso and Candy Weyant at the Haymarket Co-Operative Bank.

August 12, 1983        Special Agent Steve Broce received an FBI 302 report from the John O’Connell interview.

September 8, 1983    Candy Weyant was sentenced to three months in Framingham for contempt during the Joan Webster grand jury.

September 27, 1983  Dive teams raised Paradiso’s submerged boat, the Malafemmena, at Pier 7 in Boston, Massachusetts.

September 27, 1983  Trooper Palombo filed a search warrant for the Malafemmena with the court.

September 29, 1983  A confidential source contacted the FBI with the name Charlene.

September 30, 1983  A confidential source contacted the FBI again claiming Charlene knew the location of Joan Webster’s body.

October-November 1983   Assigned divers continued the search at Pier 7.

October 4, 1983        Special Agent Steve Broce and a second man interviewed Charlene Bullerwell.

October 20, 1983      Tim Burke took his own diver, Nick Saggese, to Pier 7. The diver recovered a fake .357 magnum.

January 23, 1984      The court appointed Stephen Rappaport to represent Leonard Paradiso.

February 9 & 16, 1984   Federal John Doe grand jury convened in a bankruptcy case.

Late February 1984       Ralph Anthony Pisa was transferred to a prerelease facility.

March 5-12, 1984     Judge Roger Donahue presided over the Marie Iannuzzi pretrial hearing.

March 9, 1984           Leonard Paradiso and Candy Weyant were indicted for bankruptcy and mail fraud.

March 13, 1984         Tim Burke pleaded for the release of Ralph Anthony Pisa before Judge Harry Elam in a Middlesex County court.

March 13, 1984         Judge Roger Donahue sealed Robert Bond’s written statement and police interview transcript in the Marie Iannuzzi pretrial.

March 28, 1984         Leonard Paradiso and Candy Weyant were arraigned in federal court for bankruptcy and mail fraud.

July 9, 1984               The Marie Iannuzzi murder trial began, Judge Roger Donahue presiding.

July 22, 1984             The jury found Leonard Paradiso guilty of murder in the second degree and assault with intent to rape.

July 25, 1984             Judge Roger Donahue imposed the sentence.

November 28, 1984   Insurance fraud charges were filed against Leonard Paradiso regarding his boat, the Malafemmena.

January 3, 1985        Ralph Anthony Pisa changed his plea for the 1969 murder of George Deane and was sentenced to time served.

January 21, 1985      Federal Judge Robert Keeton changed the venue for Leonard Paradiso’s bankruptcy fraud case.

February 13, 1985    Judge James McGuire ordered an X-ray on Leonard Paradiso’s left index finger.

February 18, 1985    Leonard Paradiso was acquitted of insurance fraud charges involving his boat, the Malafemmena.

April 4-9, 1985          The federal bankruptcy case was held in the Federal District Court of Rhode Island, Judge Bruce Selya presiding.

April 5, 1985             Leonard Paradiso was treated for a six week old broken finger.

April 9, 1985             A jury found Leonard Paradiso guilty on three of four counts in the federal bankruptcy case.

May 10, 1985            Judge Bruce Selya imposed the sentence for the bankruptcy case.

May 28, 1985             A garden dedication for Joan Webster was held at Harvard’s Gund Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

July 24, 1985             Boston investigators reached a consensus that they had developed sufficient evidence to conclude that Leonard Paradiso murdered Joan Webster.

November 5, 1985     Leonard Paradiso filed a motion for a new trial in the Marie Iannuzzi case.

November 15, 1985  Robert Bond filed a motion during the retrial for Mary Foreman’s murder naming the individuals making promises he relied on.

November 23, 1985  Robert Bond convicted in the retrial for Mary Foreman’s murder.

February 13, 1986    Judge Roger Donahue denied the motion for a retrial in the Marie Iannuzzi case without a hearing.

June 11, 1986            Leonard Paradiso filed a motion to reconsider his motion for a new trial in the Marie Iannuzzi case.

July 1, 1986               Judge Roger Donahue denied the motion to reconsider a new trial for the Marie Iannuzzi case without a hearing.

July 3, 1986               Leonard Paradiso filed a notice of appeal for the Marie Iannuzzi case.

August 13, 1986        The Janet McCarthy case against Leonard Paradiso began.

August 14, 1986        The jury found Leonard Paradiso guilty of assault with intent to rape Janet McCarthy.

April 18, 1990           Karen Wolf found a human skull on her property on Chebacco Road in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

April 26, 1990           Hamilton Police found the full grave of the victim on Chebacco Road.

April 30, 1990           The victim on Chebacco Road was identified as Joan Webster through dental records.

July 13, 1990             Joan Webster’s remains were cremated in Salem, Massachusetts.

July 15, 1991             The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office was exposed for secret and duplicate files.

1997                           Corruption in the Boston office of the FBI was exposed over the handling of mob boss Whitey Bulger.

July 4, 1998               Trooper Andrew Palombo dies in a motorcycle accident in Lynn, Massachusetts.

June 2001                  Joan Webster’s sister-in-law, Eve Carson, discovered an incriminating letter.

November 28, 2006  Tim Burke announced his upcoming book about Leonard Paradiso, supported by George and Eleanor Webster.

February 7, 2008      Robert Bond was taken to Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in a failed attempt to obtain a confession from Leonard Paradiso.

February 18, 2008    The Paradiso Files, Boston’s Unknown Serial Killer by Tim Burke published.

February 27, 2008    Leonard Paradiso died from bladder cancer at the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital.

May 6, 2008              Private investigator and attorney met with Robert Bond at Shirley MCI in Massachusetts.

May 20, 2008            Private investigator and attorney met with former Hamilton Police Chief Walter Cullen.

Late August 2008     Candy Weyant received an anonymous, harassing letter.

January 22, 2009      Eve Carson received an anonymous, harassing letter.

October 8, 2009        Eve Carson and a private investigator met with Robert Bond at Shirley MCI in Massachusetts.

May 20, 2010            Eve Carson and a private investigator met with Assistant District Attorney John Dawley and three representatives from the Massachusetts State Police in Essex County.

June 15, 2010            Eleanor Webster passed away from metastasized breast cancer.

July 12 & 17, 2010    Anonymous harassing emails sent to Eve Carson from a company computer at Syntellect in Phoenix, Arizona, Anne Webster’s employer.

January 18, 2012      Robert Bond denied parole by unanimous vote.

December 25, 2012   Eve Carson received harassing email from George Webster.

May 1, 2017              Eve Carson met with ADA John Dawley in Essex County.

May 9, 2017              The Parole Board conducted a hearing for Robert Bond.

March 21, 2018         George Webster passed away at White Horse Village in Newtown, Pennsylvania.