MSP Trooper Andrew Palombo

Massachusetts State Police undercover officer

Lead on the Marie Iannuzzi murder investigation beginning in February 1981

Lead in the Joan Webster investigation beginning in February 1982

Assigned to the F Barracks at Logan Airport


MSP Sargeant Carmen Tammaro

Andrew Palombo's superior officer

Assigned to F Barracks at Logan Airport

Introduced the "boat theory" on August 1, 1982.

Lead interrogator of informant Robert Bond repeating the "boat theory" on January 14, 1983


Suffolk County Prosecutor Tim Burke

Former Suffolk County, MA prosecutor

Prosecuted Leonard Paradiso for the murder of Marie Iannuzzi in 1984

Assigned the Joan Webster investigation in February 1982

Published The Paradiso Files in 2008. Source documents refute Burke's published allegations making his book evidence in the unresolved homicide of Joan Webster.