Marie Iannuzzi
Photo in The Paradiso Files by Tim Burke

Marie Iannuzzi was murdered on August 12, 1979, after attending a wedding.

Authorities considered two suspects, Leonard Paradiso and Marie's boyfriend David Doyle. 

Paradiso and his girlfriend attended the same wedding on August 11, 1979, as Marie and Doyle.

The case went cold with no arrests until George Webster convened a meeting in late February 1982. 

Tim Burke and Andrew Palombo were paired to go after Paradiso in Marie's case after the Webster meeting. The meeting ostensibly about Joan entangled the two cases.

Strong circumstantial evidence and witness testimony implicated David Doyle during the grand jury.

Tim Burke prosecuted the Iannuzzi case in July 1984 and gained a conviction against Paradiso.

Evidence from the trial support that this was a wrongful conviction.

The following is a PowerPoint presentation that highlighted discrepancies and problems in the Iannuzzi case.